Monday, July 12, 2004

Which Version I am running ?

Today I was helping a customer on a deployment issue...

The first question that I have asked is:
"Which version of OC4J are you using ?". And he has no idea !

So let me give you some tips to know the version of Oracle components that you are using...

In the j2ee/home directory:
java -jar oc4j.jar -version
Go in the provider test page
You can see the version of the in the bottom of the page. In the JPDK you can also use the HttpCommonConstants.COMPONENT_VERSIONS to access it programmatically.
Also if you are looking for a version of a specific component, Oracle development often use a 'version file' into the jar file of this component.This is the case for example for:
  • Portals: ptlshare.jar, wsrp-container.jar, wsrp-container.jar, pdkjava.jar, portaltools.jar
  • Oracle XML: xmlparserv2.jar,oraclexsql.jar, xsqlserializers.jar
  • UIX: uix2.jar, jewt4.jar
  • BI Bean: bigraphbean.jar
Update following Markus comments:
Markus made me realized that I forgot to mention the standard way of checking the version of a product. It is also possible, and done by most of the Oracle components, to put the version number into the Manifest file of any archive. So take a look to the manifest, and if it is not available you can look for a version file into the archive.

So next time somebody ask you which version of the product you are using you will be all set !

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Viral said...

i want to check which version of xmlparserv2.jar m using in my standalone oc4j coz its getting conflicted with same jar with different version given in bpel/lib of oracle_soa_suite ...

orabpel.jar is dependent on the given version of xmlparserv2.jar in bpel/lib of soa_suite which is different than that provided by oc4j instance lib.

can anyone tell me why this is different in same soa suite version....