Monday, June 27, 2005

JavaOne Day 1: What do to today?

j1.GIFHere we go, the first day of Java One is about to start; and here some of the cool stuff to do:
- Next-Generation Web Services in the Java™ Platform (TS-7230 / 2:15pm)
- Groovy = Java™ Technology+ Ruby + Python for the JVM™ (TS-3402 / 3:30pm)
- Web Services in the Real World (TS-3999 / 4:45pm)
- Java Web Services Development Using Annotations (TS-7964 / 6:00pm)
- Writing Performant WSDLs to Build Enterprise Web Services Applications (BOF-9213 / 7:30)
- OC4J: Meet the Developers (BOF-9024 / 9:30pm)
- Ensuring 100% Application Portability with J2EE (BOF-9030 / 10:30pm)

Also I think the opening Sun's Keynote from 8:30 to 11:00 am will be I am sure a good starting point for this week !

Busy day isn't? (I am on duty the morning, will try to go to afternoon sessions...)

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