Thursday, August 2, 2007

OracleAS, OC4J and Java EE releases....

This morning I was helping a customer to debug some Web Services deployment issues, when I simply realized that the error was coming from the fact that he was trying to deploy a JAX-RPC service on a OracleAS 10gR2 server; where it is not supported/available. This give me the opportunity to clarify the different versions of the Oracle Application Server and their related Java Enterprise Edition release support.

Oracle AS Release J2EE/Java EE Release Comments/Extensions Certification Matrix Java EE 5.0
  • Currently available as technology preview
(Oracle AS 10gR3)
J2EE 1.4
  • Support of EJB 3/JPA
  • Web Services Annotations
  • MTOM support (
  • Integration of Spring 2.0 (
  • Integrationf of Oracle Coherence (
OTN Certicification Matrix
(Oracle AS 10gR2)
J2EE 1.3OTN Certicification Matrix
9.0.4.x J2EE 1.3OTN Certicification Matrix
9.0.3.x J2EE 1.3OTN Certicification Matrix


kim said...

Hi Tug,

Do you know Oracle release date for OC4J 11i ?


D.Schroff said...

Hi Tugdual,

i know you are not allowed to give a release date, but any hint like this year.. or next year? Is there a beta program running?


Trubix Inc. said...

Hi Tug,

Thanks for the certification matrix. When at customer sites with all the functionality out there, its nice to be able to reference the matrix.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Ruby and web services and see if Ruby is continuing to gather traction. I'm starting to see a lot more traction on APEX apps.

Hope to see you at OOW. We need to do another presentation together. Maybe something like implementing BPEL successfully.

Take care.

George Trujillo