Monday, June 27, 2005

JavaOne Day 1: What do to today?

j1.GIFHere we go, the first day of Java One is about to start; and here some of the cool stuff to do:
- Next-Generation Web Services in the Java™ Platform (TS-7230 / 2:15pm)
- Groovy = Java™ Technology+ Ruby + Python for the JVM™ (TS-3402 / 3:30pm)
- Web Services in the Real World (TS-3999 / 4:45pm)
- Java Web Services Development Using Annotations (TS-7964 / 6:00pm)
- Writing Performant WSDLs to Build Enterprise Web Services Applications (BOF-9213 / 7:30)
- OC4J: Meet the Developers (BOF-9024 / 9:30pm)
- Ensuring 100% Application Portability with J2EE (BOF-9030 / 10:30pm)

Also I think the opening Sun's Keynote from 8:30 to 11:00 am will be I am sure a good starting point for this week !

Busy day isn't? (I am on duty the morning, will try to go to afternoon sessions...)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

JavaOne: Oracle activities

The 2005 edition of JavaOne will be a very good one, at least based of what Oracle is planning to do. Oracle Booth I invite you to come on the Oracle booth (booth 625) where Oracle Developers and Product Managers will be pleased to talk, and demonstrate the latest technologies and their integration in our product (J2EE 1.4, EJB 3.0, JSF, BPEL, Web Services, RFID and more...). Like last year we provide you a chance to win lot of cool stuff. First of all enter a raffle for a chance to win a Sony PlayStation 2, Star Wars PC game packs, and Atari joysticks. Also the first 500 people to submit an entry survey with a stamp from an Oracle demo pod will receive a ticket to see Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith the evening of Tuesday, June 28. I will be present on the J2EE Demo pod on Monday morning and I will be please to stamp you to offer you a ticket for the Stars Wars... but remember you can get a ticket for the space too -yes you can go to the space-, by participating to the Oracle Space Sweepstakes. Meet the Gurus The Oracle booth also is a place where you can meet several gurus for a presentation and discussion. Here some of the subjects that will be presented: - J2EE and EJB 3.0 - JSF, and advanced HTML/AJaX features - SOA, BPEL - Apache Maven You can find the schedule on OTN. Sessions and BOF Oracle is also proud to have 16 technical sessions and BOF, you can find the list of them here. One of them is my favorite: - "Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J): Meet the Developers". It will be Monday 27th at 9:30pm, this is the chance for you to meet, and interact with the J2EE and Web Services developers from Oracle. See you there and enjoy JavaOne 2005!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Google Code: AJAXSLT

Google has released via its Google Code project an implementation of XSLT in javascript... Quite interesting to improve the development of AJaX based applications, I think this is the only reason to put the term AJaX in the project... But it is true that everytime you put AJaX in a title of something you are getting people interested... The source code is available in sourceforge. Feel free to post comments into the Google group created for this

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thanks to MozBackup...

My Windows laptop has been infected by some viruses and adware -why I am not only using my Mac and Linux computers?-, so I just reinstalled the full OS..... I just want to use my blog to thanks the small utility MozBackup that allowed to quickly backup and recover my Firefox and Thunderbird configuration and data! Thanks again...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Pushlets are adapting AJaX

Back in consulting I did some small projects using the Pushlets framework. A nice and simple solution to create easily Web eventing applications...
The Pushlet team has created a small demonstration of integration of Pushlet and XMLHttpRequest together...
If you never used Pushlets, take a look to it it is really nice!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Summary of Ajax frameworks

Michael Maheomff has published on AjaxPatterns Web site an article that list existing Ajax frameworks. This AJAXFrameworks article talks about server side solutions (Java, PHP, .Net, Lisp, Ruby, ....) and client side solutions that provided helpers around XMLHttpRequests and HTML programming. Feel free to let some comments to Michael on its wiki if he has forgotten some... for example nothing about JavaServer Faces...

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

JSR 198 Early Draft Open For Review

The JSR-198:A Standard Extension API for Integrated Development Environment expert group has made the early draft available for review. I really love this JSR and I am very happy that is now making progress because I played around in the past with Oracle JDeveloper Plugin APIs and I was disappointed that my work could not be used in other IDE... Oracle JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) API will be based on the JSR 198. Take a look the Oracle JDeveloper Extension page. On my side I have to dig out the old extensions that I wrote for 9.0.3 and migrate them to 10.1.3, I will start with the small Lejos extension, if I can find it... It has been so long since I did not play with my legos...

Monday, June 6, 2005

Steve Jobs' Keynote...

Today is an important day. We’ve got some great stuff for you today.
Here we go, WWDC 2005 has started, and as usual it is hot! You can have a summary of Steve Jobs' keynote on Macworld Web site. I think the most breaking news, beside the good numbers is the confirmation of the fact that "Apple drops IBM PowerPC line for Intel chips"... What do you think? I am personally happy; this will stop the 'useless' discussion about the speed of the chip of PC versus Mac... and, I am optimistic on the fact that Macs will be faster ;-) For me the chip is not important since the only code that I write on Mac is Java based, and little bit of AppleScript... I am impatient to see the new stuff that Apple will put in Leopard...

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Apple on Intel.. Xbox on PowerPC is the world getting crazy

Once again a rumor of Apple switching to Intel is making some noise on the net.... We won't have to wait for long since the news talks about Steve Job announcing that during his keynote at WWDC. I am currently planning to buy a new powerbook 12" (in addition to the 15" and iMac)... who knows, it may be an "Intel Inside" one ;-) The other fun part is the deal that IBM is trying to obtain with game platform.. such as Sony and... MSFT... We'll see tomorrow... Talking about WWDC, Oracle has a booth and some presentations for this event... I will be personally working on the pod presenting Oracle 10g stack on Mac OS X... See you this week !

Friday, June 3, 2005

"Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century" paper from John K. Ousterhout

With all the Java Scripting language aroun (Groovy, Rhino, Ruby, Jython... and so on) it is always interesting to understand where this come from... but also be able to talk with people about it, especially when they do not understand why scripting is interesting... Googling around looking for some information on scripting benefits for a presentation I found this very intersting article from John Ousterhout, (he wrote the article in 1998) but I am sure you will still appreciate it... Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century. One of the most interesting part in this context is the paragraph 4:

A scripting language is not a replacement for a system programming language or vice versa. Each is suited to a different set of tasks. For gluing and system integration, applications can be developed 5-10x faster with a scripting language; system programming languages will require large amounts of boilerplate and conversion code to connect the pieces, whereas this can be done directly with a scripting language. For complex algorithms and data structures, the strong typing of a system programming language makes programs easier to manage. Where execution speed is key, a system programming language can often run 10-20x faster than a scripting language because it makes fewer run-time checks.