Monday, May 26, 2008

Seesmic in action on TechCrunch's "great" Twitter post....

Like many of you I am following TechCrunch, and one of the latest post was quite "amazing":

  • see the Twitter! post from Michael Arrigton.
More than the post itself, the comments that this single word generated is quite funny: so far we have 291 comments... As you can guess I have not read (all of) them... But something is interesting, you can see that many people have used Seesmic to drop a video comment.

I have to say that I am quite impressed by the large number of comments that have been made using Seesmic. Bravo to Loic Lemeur's vision for this tools... This is simply the new and easy way to really do the "read/write" Web, I should say "record/watch" Web.

One thing is still bothering me, how to I find interesting content that is saved using Seesmic? Yes, I can use social features to subscribe to people that are sharing similar center of interest. But I cannot find any folksonomy on Seesmic, am I missing it, or it is just not available yet? Or let's dream and imagine than Web search/index engine will be able to index these video content to help me to find interesting content -may be this exists but I have not found it yet-. Loic, is it your next big feature to transform Seesmic in the next killer app?

So far I do not have the feeling that I missed anything -watch the comments and you will understand-, but it looks like people love to use the video to discuss/share with others, and I can understand why... We have moved from technical tools: Complex Web Authoring Platform, to easy Blog publishing, to pure video recording tool, so very easy indeed. I can imagine my mother posting a comment to a blog or video now... thanks to Seesmic!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is Twitter? It is a simple tool to turn off lights

Lately, I have been presenting Web 2.0 tools to my coworkers, and explaining how it could be used to improve the way we do "things" (especially business). Here a list of some of the tools I am talking about blogs, wikis, second life, social networking/bookmarking/tagging/rating,, facebook, friendfeed, youtube, seesmic, feeddo, flock and many others depending of the questions and the mood of the moment...

One of the tool that I love to present is Twitter... and now I have an good example of why we all need to be on Twitter ;)

Control Lights with Twitter from Justin Wickett on Vimeo.

Thanks to Justin from Twitter...

Friday, May 16, 2008

JavaOne 2008: Groovy and Grails presentations and code

Andres and Guillaume have posted on the Groovy Users list the pointers to many (if not all) the Groovy and Grails sessions of JavaOne 2008... You want to learn more, this is a great opportunity to do it so:

Thanks to all of the authors... I would love to be there watching these session live... This post is the opportunity also to point you to this video from InfoQ of Jason Rudolph doing a very nice introduction to Grails during last year QCon conference...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sun/Liferay: why? and what is the next step?

Yesterday, I have been surprised when I saw the following announcement:

One interesting thing is Brian Chan's blog entry about Liferay and Sun explaining how they have been working together so far... to fill the limitations of each other solutions.

So today what does that means? Liferay is leveraging the development power of Sun to implements standards (for example JSR-286). I have always been frustrated by the lack of standard support and 'real' innovation in Liferay (compare to its competitors such as eXo Platform, and Jboss for example). In the other hand Sun will leverage the "tiny Liferay product" killing its own solution. Sun's portal is really to big without that benefits for developers/users (compare to its competitors, BEA,IBM, Oracle for example).

So what's the next step for this partnership? If Sun wants to push a real portal offering, it can only finish by a full acquisition of Liferay... even if it is stated that it is not the plan.

Let's wait and see how this "WebSynergy" goes... However one thing is cool, it will put more visibility on Enteprise Portals. With all the Web 2.0 stuff: social computing, mashups, collaborative works/intelligence, the need for "Enterprise Portal" (I should add a 2.0) is back stronger than before...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

JavaOne 2008: my sessions choice...

I have attended or presented at JavaOne for the last 6 years when I was living in the SF Bay Area... But this year I won't be in San Francisco for JavaOne. As you can guess, I am sad about that... However, I still look at the schedule and events, and here what I would like to do:

  • Groovy/Grails meetup organized by G2One and NFJS
  • Sun and Oracle General Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am. I am particularly interested to see the Oracle's one  talk about the Oracle/BEA deal... May be we will be able to learn more about the products roadmap
  • TS-6050 - Comparing JRuby and Groovy
  • TS-5274 - Groovy on a Cloud: Testing Java EE Platform Applications on Amazon EC2
  • BOF-5102 - Cooking Your Own Groovy Builder: A Step Forward into Domain-Specific Languages
  • TS-5793 - Groovy and Grails: Changing the Landscape of Java EE Platform Patterns
  • BOF-5101 - Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy
  • TS-5764 - Grails in Depth
  • TS-6298 - Designing Graphical Model-Driven Applications: Lego MindStorm ... long time that I have not programmed/designed with my Legos...
  • BOF-4888 - Taming the Leopard: Extending OS X the Java Technology Way: would be great to see my ex-coworker talking about OS X and Java.. John and Tim are terrific developers
  • BOF-6400 - The Future of Guice. even if I have not used (yet) this API from Google I have been a big fan of Bob's work
  • TS-5657 - JavaFX Technology: Bring the Web with You--Multiple Interfaces to Games, Chat, and More
  • TS-4817 - The Java Platform Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR 286)
  • TS-5343 - Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.1 Technology. As I am pushing more and more customer to use the standard JPA.. would be great to learn more about the next release of EJB
  • TS-6169 - Spring Framework 2.5: New and Notable... would like to see what will be said about SpringAppServer
  • TS-6072 - Advanced Enterprise Debugging Techniques
  • BOF-5634 - Java EE Platform Connector Architecture 1.6 Overview. I have been using J2CA a lot lately when dealing with SOA in large IT department... So quite cool to have an update on this spec.
  • TS-5318 - Dealing with Asynchronicity in Java Technology-Based Web Services. A feature in the WS Stack that I have been pushing a lot...
  • TS-5616 - JSR 303: From a World of Constraints to Constrain the World
  • TS-6339 - Top 10 Patterns for Scaling Out Java Technology-Based Applications
  • TS-5706 - SCA and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE Platform): Integration Inside
  • BOF-5495 - Untangling the Asynchronous Web
  • TS-5425 - JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
  • LAB-4500LT - Develop AJAX Based Portlets With OpenPortal and GWT
  • TS-6574 - How to Implement Your Own OpenSocial Container on the Java Platform
  • TS-6807 - What’s New in Ajax
  • BOF-5661 - Comet: The Rise of Highly Interactive Web Sites
  • BOF-4922 - Writing Real-Time Web Applications, Using Google Web Toolkit and Comet
  • TS-5870 - The Best of Both Worlds with Java™ Business Integration and Service Component Architecture
  • TS-5152 - Overview of the JavaFX Script Programming Language
  • TS-5572 - Groovy, the Red Pill: Metaprogramming--How to Blow the Mind of Developers on the Java Platform
  • TS-5815 - Going Mobile with JavaFX Script Technology, Groovy, and Google Android
  • TS-5535 - Tying Java Technologies Together the RESTful Way
I have probably selected many conflicting sessions, not really an issue since I am not going there. That said, this year again JavaOne looks quite exciting and a lot of content again around Scripting Languages and Framework; Web2.0 related technologies and SOA. 
I hope that I will be there for the 2009 one ;)