Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easy application development with Couchbase, Angular and Node

Note : This article has been written in March 2013, since Couchbase and its drivers have a changed a lot. I am not working with/for Couchbase anymore, with no time to udpate the code.
A friend of mine wants to build a simple system to capture ideas, and votes. Even if you can find many online services to do that, I think it is a good opportunity to show how easy it is to develop new application using a Couchbase and Node.js.

So how to start?
Some of us will start with the UI, other with the data, in this example I am starting with the model. The basics steps are :

  1. Model your documents
  2. Create Views
  3. Create Services
  4. Create the UI
  5. Improve your application by iteration
The sources of this sample application are available in Gihub :

Use the following command to clone the project locally :

git clone

Note: my goal is not to provide a complete application, but to describe the key steps to develop an application.