Thursday, September 5, 2019

Multi-Nodes Redis Cluster With Docker

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As part of my on-boarding/training at RedisLabs I continue to play with the product, and I have decided today to install a local 3 nodes cluster of Redis Enterprise Server (RS); and show how easy is to move from a single node/shard database to a multi nodes highly available one.
Once your cluster is up & running, you will kill some containers to see how the system automatically fail-over to guarantee service continuity.
The deployment will look more or less like the schema below, (coming from RedisLabs documentation)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Getting Started With Redis Streams & Java

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As you may have seen, I have joined Redis Labs a month ago; one of the first task as a new hire is to learn more about Redis. So I learned, and I am still learning.
This is when I discovered Redis Streams. I am a big fan of streaming-based applications so it is natural that I start with a small blog post explaining how to use Redis Streams and Java.