Monday, March 13, 2006

Oracle Industrial Telnet Server (ITS): The OracleAS Hidden Treasure..

When I was working in Oracle Consulting I was surprised to see how many customers are using character mode applications, base on Oracle Forms. Lot of applications in wharehouses, harbour, ... are using telnet terminal, usually remote/mobile using RF networks.

Moving to Java on the server was very hard for them because of the lack of support for easy character mode development based solutions.

OracleAS 10g/ADFprovides such support with the Industrial Telnet Server (ITS). ITS is the telnet server running in a J2EE container as a J2CA adaptor, and uses JavaServer Faces to render the user interface. The advantage of using JSF for the UI, it allows developer to leverage automatically different renderers (HTML, Mobile and telnet) without changing the application.

Here an example of the different renderer provided by Oracle ADF Faces (Instant Messaging, PDA, HTML and Telnet) jsf-renderer.PNG

If you are looking for more information around Oracle ITS:

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Rajeev said...

i tried to make first telnet programe with ADF with given example step by step....
with oracle 10g Jdeveloper after completing this when we run this program ,
The ITS starts and renders the first page. but If you arrow to the any option (I tried them all three),
you will get an error as below


Apr 29, 2009 11:55:27 AM oracle.wireless.its.mdb.requester.TMLParser handleParseError
SEVERE: The response from the application server was not understood.
This will typically happen if there was an error in the application,
though in rare cases it could indicate an issue with how a valid response
from the server is being processed.
If the log level is not currently at the finest level, please set it
to the finest level and recreate the situation the caused this problem
so that the response from the server can be logged.
Apr 29, 2009 11:55:27 AM oracle.wireless.its.mdb.requester.TMLParser handleParseError
SEVERE: The following TML Markup was returned from ADFT: Error instantiating web-application,Error instantiating web-application,Application: EIM_PDA-ViewController-webapp has been stopped

can you please help me to give a solutions.