Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Poll: Which "Web 2.0" Tools are you using for business?

I have just created a poll -see leftbar- asking to list the different tools you are using for business. In fact I would like to have some feedback of you use of Wiki, Blogs, Instant Messaging on you daily job.

Myself I am using all of this for work:
  • Internal and external communication with Wikis
  • My blog that you are currently reading
  • Chat, I use probably more the chat than phone these days (thanks to http://meebo.com when I cannot connect with a rich client)
  • Social Networking: I am not necessarily talking about big sites like LinkedIn/Facebook but more internal sites. For example, back at Oracle we had access to an internal Social Network site, that is now exposed at http://mix.oracle.com, and now at Sogeti, in the Cap Gemini group we do also have internal social networks.
The idea behind this post/poll is to be able to discuss, with customers around Web 2.0 tools adoption in the enterprise. So do not hesitate to post a comment describing the tools and how you are using them for business. Thanks for your vote ;)

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Daniel Nguyen said...

Hey Tug,

We are heavy users of IM here, but, to your earlier comments, this is only possible because of presence - the dial-tone of our century if you will. I believe the ability to connect on-demand (e.g. SIP) in a variety of ways is vital to any organization.

The difficulty I face is integration for 'web 2.0' products. Right now, I am toying around for solutions that would allow people to act on knowledge propogation real-time. For instance:
1. If someone of importance sends out a blog/post via email (possibly to a generic address),
2. then based on business rules their message gets posted to identified blogs/sharepoints,
3. finally RSS feeds or automated chat clients are triggered to send notification to subscribers for consumption.

How does 'web 2.0' address needs like that? Is there any tool that allows for the end-to-end deployment of such needs?