Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A month in eXo... busy, busy, busy...

I have been within eXo Platform for almost 2 months now.. As expected, it is crazy, and exciting. This is why I did not have lot of time to blog... Ideas are here, just time is not... So here a very quick post on my current work... We have been releasing new releases of products (Portal/Portlet Container, Collaboration Suite), deliver a training on eXo Portal, writing docs, articles, and many other exciting things... One of them is this nice example of integration of GWT Google Gadget in eXo WebOS. During this period, when I was not working with customers, prospects and partners, I have learned a lot about one of the most exciting and powerful features: eXo ECM coupled with eXo Portal/WebOS. eXo exposed using a powerful UI, and set of API, its JavaContent Repository on which you can build powerful sites/portal using eXo templating engine... and one other cool thing, at least for me, is the fact that most of the programming that you do, including rich Ajax based application is done using Groovy. (using GroovyServer Pages)... More to come about eXo features on this blog, but the best place to be is to follow our company/project blog at http://blog.exoplatform.org, where all the team is presenting new features, and events of the eXo community... Also, I have created, with Sebastien Roul a JUG in Nantes, here some information for French people:

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